Kigali ,Rwanda
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AREDEC interventions areas

Activities in Education and Community Development

  • Youth and women in voca onal Training for Tailoring, making soaps, carpentry and Agri- business
  • Community awareness on auto development using partcipatory approaches
  • Inclusive education ,Early Childhoods and cultural development

Activites on Energy and Environment Protection

  • Mapping the initiatives and partners working in energy and environment protection in Rwanda for synergy and network
  • Community education and raising awareness on Energy and environment protection
  • Promoting the use of cooking energy reducing the emission of C02 and atmosphere pollution
  • Liaise with cooking energy actors and bene ciaries in- cluding those in emergency situa on to access on a ord- able cooking energy




Activities in Social Protection and Human Rights

  • Community vulnerability mapping and analysis
  • Citizen participation in democracy and accountability
  • Civic education and promotion of human rights through training and community dialogues

Youth and Women empowerment through capacity building and incomes generating activities

  • Training of youth and women on entrepreneurship in order to access and promote job opportunities .
  • Mobilize Youth and Women to form groups/cooperatives for easy access on available products and services available to them
  • Support youth and women in start up capital and link them with nancial products and services available in their respective areas.
  • Education of Young adolescents on sexual and reproductive health
  • Raising Youth awareness and education to fight against drugs
  • Promotion of youth and women dialogues to fight Gender Based Violence